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Apologies and a question...

I asked whether it was possible to do time averaging with ferret considering
that it considers time-averaged data to be time-independent. Well, if I had
been a little more observant, the answer is in the user's guide:

       yes? DEFINE AXIS/T="1-JUL-1980":"1-JUL-1985"/UNIT=year  tannual
       yes? DEFINE GRID/T=tannual  gannual
       yes? LET  timestamp = T[G=gannual] * 0       !always 0
       yes? LET  sst_ave = sst[L=1:12@AVE] + timestamp
       yes? SAVE/FILE=annual.cdf  sst_ave[L=1]
       yes? LET  sst_ave = sst[L=13:24@AVE] + timestamp
       yes? SAVE/FILE=annual.cdf/APPEND  sst_ave[L=2]
       . etc.

My apologies for not RTFM.

Now, for the same question John Cortinas asked:
> Is there something wrong with my configuration if everytime I start
> the latest version of ferret it tries to open an X window?  I get the
> following error when I'm not on a system that supports windows: 
> Error:Can't open display:
> Previous versions of FERRET did not do this.  Any suggestions?

So far as I can tell, it's not an X configuration change that will make it work.
Seeing as how I have a ~6000 line script that will take about 6 hours to run, I
sure would like to be able to run it without having X running, say, over a week-

Any ideas?
Gary Strand
strandwg@ucar.edu                              http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/ccr/gary

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