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Problem with LIST and CONTOUR from netCDF files

I have just started evaluating FERRET for use in displaying data on systems
deployed on field projects. We routinely store data in netCDF files. I have
encountered 2 problems:

1) The LIST command does not seem to work with variables that begin with
   "time", e.g., it won't list a variable named "time_series".

2) I am able to PLOT a 1-dimensional subset of a 2-dimensional variable but
   I am not able to CONTOUR the variable. For example, the command
   PLOT/i=10:10/k=1:100 spectrum_width
   produces a plot of 100 times at gate 10 but the command
   produces axes but no contour lines. Do I need to define a grid or region
   and transform my variable to that grid or region?

Thanks in advance!

							Jeff Smith

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