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Re: Plotting coasts

Hi Ferreters -

Recently Donald Dunbar asked about plotting a coastline:

On Oct 21, 11:32am, Donald S. Dunbar wrote:
> Subject: Plotting coasts
> I've been trying to overlay a map on a plot.  The map consists of over
> 500 segments.  Using the command: "PLOT/LINE/VS/OVERLAY lon,lat" I can
> plot one segment inputed using 'FILE/VAR="lon,lat" seg.n' where seg.n
> contains the lons and lats.  Is there a way to tell PLOT to "lift up the
> pen" at the end of a segment (i.e., at some lon,lat pair like 0,0) so
> that I can read all the segments in together?  The only other way that I
> can think of is to set up the >500 files--one for each segment--and
> input & plot each one in a GO script.  This seems incredibly
> inefficient.  Thanks for any suggestions.

If you read the data in from a single file, and specify additional, missing
values at points where you want "pen up", you will have what you desire.  You
may use -1e34 for the missing values, which will be recognized automatically,
or another value not in the data, and then use the

"SET VAR/BAD=bad_value variable_name"

command to denote the significance of the value.



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