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Re: Generating 3D plots in Ferret

Hi Kim,

	I received two copies of this post, so it probably got out. I didn't
respond because I wasn't entirely sure of the answer. But since you haven't
recieved a response yet, I will do my best.

	To the best of my understanding, you want to plot a variable on a 3-D
surface. This is not (to the best of knowledge) possible in ferret. Ferret has
limited 3-D capabilities, the wire command is a 3-D version of the
contour/fill/shade commands in which the value of a variable on a 2-D surface
is represented by the height of the plot.

	If you really want a 3-D plot, you will need to try a different
package. Commercially, you could use IDL - unfortunately this is expensive. If
you use a Silicon Graphics machine there is a package called SciAn, which is
freely available by ftp. (It also works on IBM RS/6000 workstations with the GL
option). Go to http://www.scri.fsu.edu/~lyons/scian/

	If I am wrong about ferret's 3-D capabilities I am sure I will hear
about it from Steve Hankin!

	Good Luck, Mark


	      Mark Verschell (verschell@coaps.fsu.edu)
	      Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Prediction Studies
	      Florida State University
              2035 E. Paul Dirac Drive
              R.M. Johnson Bldg. - Suite 200
	      Tallahassee, FL  32310
	      (904) 644-6532              (904) 644-4841 (fax)

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