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Generating 3D plots in Ferret

(I posted this message once already and it didn't
show up, so I'm trying again.)

I have a question generating 3D plots in Ferret.

I am reading a file of the form

   -10.492  -42.000  -30.310     .499     .451     .740    3.892
   -10.836  -41.000  -30.680     .501     .442     .744    3.892
   -11.172  -40.000  -31.041     .503     .433     .748    3.892

in which the first 3 entries on each line are the (X,Y,Z) values 
of a surface in 3 dimensions.

I would like to generate a 3d plot of this surface, which would
seem to be something that would be possible with Ferret.  At
the moment I have no time to experiment, and I need a possible/impossible
answer fairly soon.

This looks like something that could be done using the WIRE command
with proper preparation of the data and/or proper use of gridding
and variable definition.  Or possibly with the PLOT command.

Has anyone done this?

Kim Rudeen

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