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Re: ferret on AIX 4.1

> we have no problem running ferret (version 4.30) on AIX Version 3, but after 
> changing to AIX 4.1 ferret cannot open graphics windows any more. (The response 
> is: "illegal command - core dumped".)
> Any ideas on this issue?
> Stefan
I had the same problem with Ferret (and Netscape) when we switched from
AIX 3.2.5 to AIX 4.1.4.  After weeks of asking around, and trying to
figure out from people at Ferret, and Netscape, someone at IBM finally found
a simple solution:  You need to switch the language of the AIX machine
from En_US (or possibly other languages) to POSIX C:
from the command line, you can do (in c-shell):  setenv LANG C
or you can change the default of the system using smit.

Hope that will solve your problem.  It worked on our AIX machines here.


Daniel Robitaille    (daniel@ocean.seos.uvic.ca)        
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences -- University of Victoria, BC, Canada
URL: http://wikyonos.seos.uvic.ca/people/daniel/daniel.html

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