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Ferret script question

Hi all:  I am new to ferret and have a basic question about jnl files:

I am trying to automate the process of looking at the derivative of a 
certain portion of a vector which I read from a netCDF file.

I tried to write a .jnl file to do the trick:

file:  'foo.jnl':

let idx = msl_alt[l=@loc:$1]
let ll  = idx-100
let ul  = idx+100
let d0  = exphasel1[l=ll:ul]
let d1  = d0[l=@ddf]
plot d1

But when I run this file (go foo 7, for example) it chokes on the line

let d0  = exphasel1[l=ll:ul]

with this error message:

 **ERROR: command syntax: LL

Apparently one cannot use variables in the specification of the range of 
a variable!  This works fine if I use numbers in place of ll and ul.
Does anyone know a way around this?

Many thanks, 

  Doug Hunt

Software Engineer III
Tel. (303) 497-2611

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