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Re: New user comments & questions

	re: overlaying polygons and the "GO land" script

On Oct 8, 10:51am, Donald S. Dunbar wrote:
> Subject: New user comments & questions
> Having very recently set ferret up on my Sun Sparc 20, and having looked
> through much of the documentation and tried several examples, two
> remarks come immediately to mind:
> 1. Ferret seems to be well-designed and provides many powerful and
> useful features.

Hi Donald,

Thanks from "the developers".

> 2. There seems to be one glaring omission: the ability to draw arbitrary
> polygons (e.g., coastlines, grid overlays, etc.).
> Can I possibly be correct about #2?

The Ferret command PLOT/VS/LINE allows you to draw arbitrary polygons.

A command such as

	yes? PLOT/VS/LINE/OVERLAY my_longitudes, my_latitudes

is typically used to lay land boundaries over a plot.

There is a tool (script) provided with Ferret

	yes? GO land

that is made to overlay continental and geo-political boundaries.
Use     yes? GO/help land    to see the instructions.

If you need higher resolution land boundaries than the ones provided in GO land
we have a script and data base that does this but we havn't had time to
formalize it into a "tool" for general use yet.

	Happy Ferreting - steve


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