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web movies

Has anyone managed to show ferret-xds movies over the web?

By doing the usual with my .mime.types and .mailcap files, ie:

application/xds mgm

application/xds; /usr/local/bin/xds %s

and running netscape on the movie file:

netscape movie.mgm

I've managed to use netscape to run xds locally 
(ie not over the web but just on movies in my filespace) 

(which, incidentally, is quite a nice way to catalogue 
and set up links to movies) 

but I've not managed to get it to run over the web.

Has anyone got this working?

Steve J.

ps:another slightly simpler way to put movies on the web is to
use gifmerge or whirlgif to make movies from individual gif files...
but this loses the advantage of having a widget to control the 
speed etc etc

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