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Ferret How To: Mercator projections

***** Ferret how-to:  Mercator and Lambert conformal projections *****

On Sep 19,  1:04pm, Rolande Tournier wrote:
> Subject: 
> I search a mercator projection
> Thanks you


Hi Rolande,

Map projections which involve transforming only the latitude axis
(such as Mercator and Lambert conformal) can be done quite easily
in Ferret. The method is to apply the Mercator transformation to
the latitude axis of the grid. The only hard part is only in getting
the tic marks to look nice.

Below I have attached a demo script that demonstrates the procedure.
The script can be run as-is (Ferret version 4.2 or later).

	Happy Ferreting - steve


! mercator_demo.jnl  9/96

! Description: Plot a 2-panel demonstration of a Mercator projection
! Note that Lambert conformal is very similar (see Lambert conformal eqn below)

! usage:   GO mercator_demo [Y_lo, Y_hi] [Y_tics] 
! Y_lo,Y_hi  - latitude range to plot
! Y_tics     - the tic spacing on the Mercator plot

! The technique that is used is to create a new Y axis of "page positions"
! made by transforming the latitudes of the data grid using the
! Mercator equations. Then "associate" the data with these page positions
! (replacing the original latitudes) using the "GY=@ASN" syntax.

! The only complication to this is to get the axis tic marks as desired
! For that we use the REPEAT loop at the end of the demo

!	Map Projections -- A Working Manual
!	J.P. Snyder
!	USGS Professional Paper 1395
!	US Govt Printing Office, 1987.

SET DATA etopo60

! determine J index limits corresponding to requested latitude range
! (the default range is 80S to 80N)
LET j_lo = J[G=ROSE,Y=$1"80S"]
LET j_hi = J[G=ROSE,Y=$2"80N"]

! ***** Standard Rectilinear Projection (for comparison) *****
SET VIEW upper
GO magnify 1.2		! looks nicer

SHADE/LEV=(0,10000,1000)/PALETTE=dark_terrestrial/NOKEY/j=`j_lo`:`j_hi` rose

! ***** Mercator Projection *****
SET VIEW lower
GO magnify 1.2		! looks nicer

! define the vertical page location axis
! (the transformed latitudes of the grid to be plotted)
LET pi = 3.141529
LET degrad = pi/180
LET radian_lat = degrad * y[g=rose]
LET yp = LOG(TAN(radian_lat/2 + pi/4))		! Mercator eqn
! LET yp = SIN(radian_lat)			! Lambert Conformal eqn.
DEFINE AXIS/from/y/name=ypageax yp

! plot the data on a Mercator projection (omit Y axis)
SHADE/LEVELS/PALETTE=dark_terrestrial/NOKEY/SET_UP/j=`j_lo`:`j_hi` rose[gy=ypageax@asn]
PPL AXSET 1,1,0,0	! suppress latitude axes
PPL TITLE .15 @CRRelief using Mercator Projection
PALETTE dark_terrestrial;ppl shade;palette default
PPL AXSET 1,1,1,1

! *** Vertical Axis Tics ***

! draw vertical axis lines

! "lat" will be the latitude of each tic to be drawn
LET radian_lat=degrad * lat
DEFINE AXIS/Y=$1"80s":$2"80n":$3"40" ytics

! small correction to get label text to align with tic mark
LET lat = `y[gy=ytics,y=$1"80s"]`; LET ypage_lo = `yp`
LET lat = `y[gy=ytics,y=$2"80n"]`; LET ypage_hi = `yp`
LET yoffset = 0.02*(ypage_hi - ypage_lo)

! draw the tics
! note 1: the tic at the equator should really be drawn separately
REPEAT/Y=$1"80s":0:$3"40" (LET lat=`y[gy=ytics]`; PPL ALINE 1,12,`yp`,20,`yp`; LABEL 8,`yp-yoffset`,1,0,.1  "@SR`ABS(lat)`#S")
REPEAT/Y=0:$2"80n":$3"40" (LET lat=`y[gy=ytics]`; PPL ALINE 1,12,`yp`,20,`yp`; LABEL 8,`yp-yoffset`,1,0,.1  "@SR`lat`#N")
LABEL -15,0,0,90,.12 LATITUDE


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