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Re: Contours on a Gaussian grid

Hi Michel,

(If there are more details to discuss after this message lets take this
discussion off-line -- email me at ferret@pmel.noaa.gov)

There are a couple of points:

1) Ferret supports irregularly spaced axes as a fundamental structure. The
SHADE and FILL plots adjust their graphics (positions on the plot) to
accomodate the uneven spacing. So there is no regridding.

2) The FILL command (like CONTOUR) is a process of interpolation. Thus areas
directly adjacent to missing values cannot be FILLed. SHADE, on the other hand,
simply floods each valid point with a colored rectangle so it works fine along
side migging values.

This combo gets the best of both plot styles:

	SHADE my_var
	FILL/OVER/NOLAB/LEVELS my_var	! overlay w/ same contour levels

	- steve


On Sep 5,  3:45pm, beland@CERCA.UMontreal.CA wrote:

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