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Re: Decimal digits in contour labels

I would just add that the dslab argument to pplus's conset
command is not entirely predictable. I have experienced much
frustration with dslab over the years. I have seen very small
changes in dslab produce dramatically different results, or
large changes in dslab producing the same results. If after 
trying dslab you still aren't satisfied, try playing with the
narc argument to conset (it smooths the lines). Sometimes it
seems to interact with dslab in odd ways. The other way to
work around these problems is to do your contouring in two
steps. Suppose you want contours at levels 1 to 10 by 1. Try
1 to 9 by 2, then overlay 2 to 10 by 2. That might fool pplus
into doing better. Or it might not.

Good luck.

Billy K

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