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Ferret 4.3 available for SGI and AIX

   **** Announcing Ferret version 4.3 for IBM AIX and SGI IRIX-5 ****

Below are included instructions from the earlier announcement declaring the
sunOS, solaris and osf availability of ferret v4.3.

Please let me know if there are any questions...


--- Forwarded mail from hankin@rogue.pmel.noaa.gov (Steve Hankin)

To: ferret_users@ferret.wrc.noaa.gov

   **** Announcing Ferret version 4.3 for SunOS, Solaris, and OSF ****

Many of the Ferret questions that we have been answering by email have simpler,
more elegant answers using features that are only available in more recent
versions of Ferret. Those features may be browsed on the Web at

Since the majority of the Ferret users are on one of the platforms SunOS,
Solaris, or OSF we have decided to make Ferret version 4.3 available on those
systems right now, despite the fact that we cannot yet port to all systems.
Note that version 4.3 does NOT contain the point and click interface to Ferret.
It does, however, contain MANY MAJOR enhancements.

To install version 4.3 on a supported system

	o use anonymous ftp to node abyss.pmel.noaa.gov
	o binary
	o cd pub
	o cd to the relevant system type (e.g. solaris)
	o get ferret_v430.Z
	o uncompress ferret_v430.Z
	o move the uncompressed ferret_v430 into $FER_DIR/bin
	o you may now execute it as "ferret_v430" from any directory

	o you may optionally wish to delete or rename your current executable
	  version to "ferret_v411". Create a link called simply "ferret" which
	  points to ferret_v430.

--- End of forwarded mail from hankin@rogue.pmel.noaa.gov (Steve Hankin)

Kevin O'Brien			Research Scientist	
kobrien@pmel.noaa.gov		NOAA/PMEL/JISAO

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