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Re: Shade/fill key questions

***** answers to Mark Verschell's questions:

On Aug 12, 10:20am, Mark Verschell wrote:
> Subject: Shade/fill key questions
> 2 different things that I am trying to do. Does anyone know how to accomplish
> them?
> 1) Changing the pen in the key. I have used
> 	ppl pen,0,8
>    and all the lines and labels EXCEPT those in the key are changed. The key
>     left untouched.

Hi Mark,

I just tried the following commands using both version 4.11 and version 4.30 of
Ferret -- both versions worked fine at changing the line color on the color

	yes? shade/i=1:10/j=1:10 i+j	! normal line and text color
	yes? ppl pen 0,8
	yes? shade/i=1:10/j=1:10 i+j	! thick red (no. 8) line and text

This sounds like it may be an SGI-specific problem. Can you send us a script
showing the exact commands that fail.

> 2) Format of labels in the key. What I would like to do is something
>     to:
> 	ppl yfor,(sp,f4.1)
>    where sp appends the optional + sign to positive values. I would be happy
>    just get all the same precision in my labels. Right now, I get levels
> 	4.5
> 	4
> 	3.5
> 	3
>     etc., and I would prefer 4.0, for example. I have tried playing with the
>     klab_dig parameter in the SHAKEY command and it doesn't appear to change
>     anything.

hmmm ... the klab_dig parameter does control the number of digits displayed but
it never forces terminating zeros. For example

	yes? shade/i=1:10/j=1:10/levels=(0,.3,.03333) (i+j)/100	  ! default
	yes? ppl shakey 1,1,0.1,1,2
	yes? shade/i=1:10/j=1:10/levels=(0,.3,.03333) (i+j)/100   ! 2 sig figs
	yes? ppl shakey 1,1,0.1,1,-2
	yes? shade/i=1:10/j=1:10/levels=(0,.3,.03333) (i+j)/100   ! 2 decimals

> Oh, one last thing (part 3 of 2?): In the 4.00 and greater release notes, the
> comment about the -unmapped command line option states:
> 	-unmapped:  use invisible output windows
> 	            (useful for creating animations and GIF files)
> But if I try to create a GIF file (using FRAME) when I have started ferret
> the -unmapped option I get completely black GIF files (it works great
> otherwise). Is anyone else experiencing this? Possibly important caveat: I am
> on an SGI.

I suspect this problem shows up because the SGI is a "true color" or "direct
color" (24 bit) X window server. The -unmapped option works fine on indexed
color (8 bit) servers. I'm not sure if this can be fixed ... I will look into

	- steve


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