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Re: Vertical cross section

On Jul 17, 12:41pm,   JOHN CORTINAS JR. wrote:
> Subject: Vertical cross section
> I am trying to create a plot of a vertical profile, for one location,
> over a given timeperiod. I thought using the contour command would work,
> cont/i=22/j=28/k=1:10/l=1:5 pt.  But that gave me an error of STOP, 3.
> Any suggestions??


Hi John,

Yes -- the contour plot should have worked as you expected.

The "STOP, 3" exit occurs in (older) Ferret versions when attempting to produce
a time axis that crossed over into the 21st century. This has been fixed
in version 4.2 of Ferret. See release notes at

As it turns out we will be placing version 4.3 of Ferret on-line for
several platforms within the next few days (expect an announcement soon). I
believe that will fix your problem.

	cheers - steve


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