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Reading Fortran unformatted files


I am trying to use ferret to read a Fortran binary file and display the
field that is in it.  The field is in a matrix A declared

REAL A(64,32)

I open the file with


and write it in one shot with


so that there are control words only at the beginning and end.  This
program was run on a R4000 Indigo running IRIX 5.3.

Now I try to plot the field with ferret.  Here is what I did:

define axis/x=0:354.375:5.625 x64
define axis/y=-87.1875:87.1875:5.625 y32
define grid/x=x64/y=y32 g64x32
file /var=sincos/grid=g64x32/format=UNFORMATTED donnees
contour /i=0:360/j=-90:90 sincos

After this, I get the following error message:

 PPL+ error: Unable to read "default.spk" to set shade and fill colors.

What went wrong ?  Only the axes and titles show up on the screen.  I am
using ferret 3.0 beta.

Michel Beland                 beland@CERCA.UMontreal.CA
professionnel de recherche    tel: (514)369-5223  fax: (514)369-3880
CERCA (CEntre de Recherche en Calcul Applique)
5160, boul. Decarie, bureau 400(423), Montreal (Quebec), Canada, H3X 2H9 

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