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Clarification on Contouring "strangely" gridded data

On Jun 19,  1:23pm, Ed Harrison wrote:
> Subject: Re: Contouring "strangely" gridded data
> Hi Mark
> My experience with trying to contour these sorts of data sets is 'watch out'!
> Most contouring routines seem to do a poor job on sparse grids, and there is
> damn little to be done about it.  I find I rely on SHADE type 'contouring'
> tools whenever I work with sparse grids.
> best.  ed
>-- End of excerpt from Ed Harrison

Actually, the data are on a very fine grid (this is not my problem so the
numbers that follow are approximate). The data are from a Yellow Sea model,
region is 153 points by 157 points, with resolution that varies from 25km*25km
to 8km*8km, average is about 9km*9km.

Thanks again, Mark


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