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Ferret under AIX 4?

I was wondering if anyone has been running Ferret under AIX 4.x? (the IBM 
unix operating system).  Right now in our lab, we have 5 workstations
running the older AIX 3.2.5, and 5 running AIX 4.1.4, and Ferret doesn't
work on the new OS (I get core dumps), and the plan on the next few weeks
is to upgrade all the machines to the new OS.  Since I haven't ruled
out a problem with the setup of my machines, I was wondering if anyone
has been able to succesfully run Ferret under the newer flavour of AIX?


Daniel Robitaille    (daniel@ocean.seos.uvic.ca)        
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences -- University of Victoria, BC, Canada
URL: http://wikyonos.seos.uvic.ca/people/daniel.html

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