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Re: Genuine batch mode?

On Apr 23, 10:49am, Gary Strand wrote:
> Subject: Genuine batch mode?
> Is there a way to run Ferret in genuine batch mode?
> For example, suppose I have a large number of time samples scattered across a
> large number of files and I'd like to consolidate one variable across all of
> the samples. Rather than running a bunch of GO scripts (which I have found to
> cause Ferret to quit when it reaches its 300 variable limit) or one long one
> (same thing) it would be nice to do something like "ferret -go scriptname"
> each script, thus doing the whole thing without intervention on my part.
> I looked over the docs, and didn't see anything that said ferret could do
> Thanks.
> --
> Gary Strand
> strandwg@ncar.ucar.edu
>-- End of excerpt from Gary Strand

Hi Gary --

Good question. You may use input redirection to pass a script to ferret, for

 ferret < my_ferret_script.jnl

and also redirect output

 ferret < my_ferret_script.jnl > script_output.txt

You can also place commands to ferret within a shell script,

 ferret << STOP
plot/i=1:10 i
list/i=1:10 i*3

In short, ferret can be treated as other executables, redirecting input and its


	Jerry Davison


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