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Netcdf Unknown error 20

Does anyone understand what can cause ferret to report "unknown error (20)"
when trying to read a NetCDF?  We are trying to read some files which are
not long, about 8-20 MB, but do have about 10 to 20 variables.
The coordinates seem to be in the right order for ferret,
plus, we have no trouble reading them with IDL's NetCDF extensions.

Can anyone point us in the right direction?


   William Weibel                           weibel@atmos.ucla.edu
   UCLA Department of Atmospheric Sciences  Tel. (310)206-4441       \\\\/
   Los Angeles, CA  90095-1565              Fax  (310)206-5219        O-O
   U.S.A.                                                              |

P.S.  Here's some appreciation to Steve Hankin for his clever 
"Ferret as a Web helper app" hack.

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