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plotting lon-lat-val lists

Hi all -

To reply to Steve's question (below), random access to the data and
hyperslabbing is not possible until the data have been placed on a regular

I have received COADS data in a similar (though not NetCDF) arrangement from
NCAR.  I used a FORTRAN routine to place the available data into a lon-lat
grid.  From that point I was able to use Ferret to slice the data, and generate
fill and contour plots.

I'll be happy to share the algorithm with anyone with an interest.  It converts
lon-lat coordinate pairs to array indices in a straightforward way and drops
the field values into the array.  I wrote the program before we began using
NetCDF, however, so it does not convert the data into that format.


	Jerry Davison

On Feb 5,  5:51pm, S.P. Jewson wrote:
> Subject: plotting lon-lat-val lists
> The da Silva COADS data is stored as netcdf lon-lat-val lists.
> In ferret it looks like:
> yes? show data
>      currently SET data sets:
>     1> ./sst.nc  (default)
>  name     title                             I         J         K         L
>  LAT      latitude of nth point            1:42164   1:1       1:1       1:1
>  LON      longitude of nth point           1:42164   1:1       1:1       1:1
>  CLM      1945-89 climatology for each mo  1:42164   1:12      1:1       1:1
> Is there a way to shade/contour/fill this in ferret?
> Are there any standards for storing data in this format?
> steve jewson
>-- End of excerpt from S.P. Jewson


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