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Ferret on IBM/AIX

	* * * Announcing version 4.11 of Ferret for IBM AIX * * *

Hello Ferret users:

We're pleased to announce the release of Ferret v4.11 for the IBM AIX.  We
apologize for the long delays for this system -- we had to wait for IBM to
supply a version of their compiler which fixed some serious bugs.

This brings the AIX version of Ferret up to date with the other systems
-- the file 'release_notes.v410a' (in anonymous ftp) amends the Users Guide
with the latest features of Ferret.

Here is the state of Ferret v4.11 on anonymous ftp [abyss.pmel.noaa.gov]:

	DEC/OSF - available now with prototype point-and-click interface (*)
	SunOS   - available now with prototype point-and-click interface (*)

	SGI/Irix 5 - available now
	Solaris    - available now
	HPUX       - available now

	IBM/AIX    - available now (actually v4.12!)
	DEC/Ultrix - available now

	Intel/Linux/Windows - We are reconsidering the best approach to
			      provide Ferret for Intel system users.
			      What is your opinion?

(*) Point and Click:
Our point and click developments faltered when we lost our GUI developer
(who went into independent consulting).  But we have found a talented new
programmer and the point and click interface is making excellent progress.
We will begin porting the version to most of the platforms in about 2 weeks.
We have not decided whether to make that product generally available or to
make it available only by request.  If you have a particular interest in
trying the point and click interface please let us know.

While we have made every effort to make the installation of Ferret simple
and error free, errors are possible in a new installation setup.  If you
experience a problem with the installation please let us know so we can
correct it.

	Happy Ferreting - Steve Hankin and the TMAP group

Ferret version 4.2 will shortly be available as a BETA product -- and
will be quite stable. If you are bumping up against limitations in Ferret
V4.11 please send up email (ferret@pmel.noaa.gov) -- version 4.2 may solve
the problem you are experiencing.


		|  NOAA/PMEL               |  ph. (206) 526-6080  
Steve Hankin	|  7600 Sand Point Way NE  |  FAX (206) 526-6744
		|  Seattle, WA 98115-0070  |  hankin@pmel.noaa.gov

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