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Using our metafile translator, gksm2ps

Hi Ferret users -

A recent message to the users group asked about including Ferret plots in other
documents.  The most recent version of our metafile translator, gksm2ps, is eps
(encapsulated postscript) compliant, and output from it can be included in
documents that support eps.  This version is 1.03, and corrects a bug that
caused a problem with eps support in earlier versions.  V1.03 is available in
our anonymous ftp site, if you have not updated your copy.

The script Fprint calls gksm2ps, and gksm2ps can be used directly.

 > gksm2ps -v	will tell you the version you have
 > gksm2ps -h   lists the options available

Although your word processing software may have features permitting scaling and
rotation, gksm2ps options can also be used to rotate the plot, and generate
plots of a given size.

The -p option has two arguments, "landscape" and "portrait", and can be used to
orient the plot on the page; default behavior generates an orientation best
fitting the page.  The following forces a portrait orientation:

> gksm2ps -o my_plot.ps -p portrait my_plot.plt
> lpr my_plot.ps

The -g option (-g WxH+X+Y) generates a plot of a given size.  It directly sets
the postscript file 'scale' and 'translate' arguments, and uses points (1/72 of
an inch) as its units.

To use this option, specify W and H as the size in points you want the longer
dimension of the plot to be.  X and Y values are the offset of the lower left
corner of the plot from the lower left corner of the page.  So if you want your
plot's longer side to be 5 inches long, 3 inches right from the corner, and 2
inches up, specify

> gksm2ps -o my_plot.ps -g 360x360+216+144 my_file.plt
> lpr my_plot.ps

Setting W and H (the x and y) scaling equal preserves the aspect ratio of the
original plot.

If you have questions about other gksm2ps features, please send a note to this
list, I'll try to answer them.



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