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Ferret "how to": page layout

	Ferret "how to": page layout

On Oct 20, 11:33am, Dingming Hu wrote:
> Subject: different vertical scales in a cross-section

   > I am trying to plot depth and latitude
   > sections of temperature from a global OGCM with top 1000m ploted in the
   > upper 1/3 of the panel and bottom 4000m in the bottom 2/3 of the panel.

Hello Dingming,

This is most easily explained by example, then you can refine it according to
your artist's eye.  You can run the script below -- it will do what you have
requested using the Levitus Climatology data set that is distributed with
Ferret. Also, check out other examples in $FER_DIR/examples.


! define viewports for top and bottom panels
! "/text=..." is optional but scales the viewports consistently
define viewport/text=.6/y=.66,1 u13    ! upper 1/3
define viewport/text=.6/y=0,.67 l23    ! lower 2/3

! a taller, thinner window looks nicer ...
set window/aspect=1

! insert YOUR data set here ...
set data levitus_climatology

set region/X=160W/Y=45S:45N/L=1

set view u13
go magnify 1.2     		! optional
fill/levels=(0,30,2)/z=0:1000 temp

set view l23
go magnify 1.2    		! optional
fill/level/z=0:4000 temp


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