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Ferret version 4.11 available

Hello Ferret users,

	* * * Announcing version 4.11 of Ferret * * *

We apologize for the delay in making Ferret version 4.1 available to you.
We have taken the extra time to cure Ferret of an annoying memory leak;
movie-making will be smoother and memory demands will be less as a
result.  Reflecting this bug fix the Ferret version number has been
incremented from 4.10 to 4.11.  The file release_notes.v410 (in anonymous ftp)
describes the relevant enhancements to Ferret.

Here is the state of Ferret V4.11 on anonymous ftp [abyss.pmel.noaa.gov]:

	DEC/OSF - available now with prototype point-and-click interface (*)
	SunOS   - available now with prototype point-and-click interface (*)

	SGI/Irix 5 - available September 14
	Solaris    - available September 14
	HPUX       - available September 14

	IBM/AIX    - available soon (1-2 weeks)
	DEC/Ultrix - probably available soon (is there a call for DEC/Ultrix?)

	Intel/Linux - our Intel machine has just arrived.  It will be several
		      months before we can attend to this port.

(*) The point and click interface will be released only on DEC/OSF and SunOS
at this time.  Other systems will follow after we have had a chance to
evaluate and incorporate the initial response.

While we have made every effort to make the installation simple and
error free, errors are possible in a new installation setup.  If you
experience a problem with the installation please let us know so we
can correct it.

	Happy Ferreting - Steve Hankin

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