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Ferret how-to: non-decimated LIST output

A question from Aug. 28:

	Say, is there a way to prevent decimation of a listing, other than
	using the format option?

	Eg, using the coads_climatology

		list/x=130e:70w/y=0:3/l=1 sst

	results in

		... listing every   5th point


Here is a quick, and quite serviceable way to avoid decimation:

	yes? list/format=(1000G) temp	! or, say "(100G12.4)"

(The "1000" is an arbitrarily large number -- the max number of columns per
line.  You could also use "(1000F10.4)" and have missing value flags appear as
"*****" -- the success of this may vary with different platforms.)

The logic of the Ferret LIST command is as follows:

The default "LIST" output is designed to be immediately readable -- neatly
labelled column headings.  For this reason Ferret subsamples as needed to fit
within a single line -- if the lines wrapped the output would be difficult to

Limited control is possible over this using "SET LIST/PRECISION=#_sig_digits"
-- by shortening the output fields more columns can fit on a line.

Precise control is possible using the /FORMAT= specifier.

       yes? LIST/FORMAT=("The temperature is:", F6.3)  sst[X=180, Y=0]


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