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Re: disk space needs for ferret

Jim -

The ferret installation has two components.  The first, the ferret executables
and associated files, is about 30 megabytes.  The second, made up of the sample
data sets, is also about 30 megabytes.

Ferret demos use the sample data, and the data sets can be valuable resources,
but the data sets can be selectively deleted to save much of the space if not

Some of the online documentation can also be deleted if unwanted, to save up to
5 megabytes.  The installation guide discusses what files may be safely

For an new installation, I recommend you keep the data; it's use in the demos
is very helpful to understand how to use ferret.  This means a total of 60 Mb
for the installation.  The installation can be reduced to 30 Mb by deleting the
files I mentioned.



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Here is a question that may be of general interest.

I would like to reinstall the latest version of Ferret on our Sun workstation
(sparc 20, solaris os).  Due to space
constraints and obligations to other projects, I stopped using Ferret about 1
year ago and removed it from our machine
(the system manager wanted more disk space).  Currently we have arcinfo with
arcview and after getting some feel for
what it can do I would like to get Ferret going again (how does the saying go,
the best software in the world is the
one you know how to use...).

My question is what is the ballpark figure for space requirements to install
Ferret for a low-end end user (i.e., not
very sophisticated) such as myself?  Obviously this will depend on the data one
has loaded but on average, what would
be a reasonable estimate of disk space usage that I can provide our for our
system folks?


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