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Ferret "how to": irregular integrations

Ferret how-to: integrations over arbitrarily-shaped regions
    (condensed from an email dialog)


On Aug 14, Stefan Rahmstorf, IfM Kiel 16-AUG-1995 19:07:03.03 wrote:

Hi fellow ferreteers,

has anyone got a journal file that computes the meridional overturning
stream functions for Atlantic and Indo-Pacific separately, for a global
GCM? That would be most appreciated!

... followed up on Aug 16,  8:11pm:

> ... "overturning" -  that's how we usually call the meridional
> mass transport stream function, i.e. volume transport summed zonally and
> then from the surface down. ... my problem is to extend the zonal integral
> only over the irregular limits of the individual ocean basins -
> you can't fit a rectangular mask over them because of their overlap.
> Same problem with Atlantic-zonal-average salinity, another quantity I
> need.


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