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Ferret Users Group

	* * * Welcome to the ferret users group * * *

This message represents the cutting of the ribbon to welcome you to
the Ferret users group.  The users group will provide an opportunity
for Ferret users to share solutions to problems and to hear what's new
in the Ferret program.  We (the developers) already answer many
"how-to" questions from users every day. We will use this mailing list
to share the answers that may be of general interest.  We will also
moderate this list to ensure that you are not flooded with unwanted

During the next two weeks we will be updating the Ferret anonymous ftp
site so that all systems (SunOS, Solaris, DEC/OSF, SGI/IRIX, IBM/AIX,
HPUX, and DEC/Ultrix) will be brought up the most current version of
Ferret -- V4.10.  Release notes will be included on anonymous ftp
explaining the new features in Ferret.  We will send out a message to
inform you when this goal has been reached.  (A Linux port will begin
when our new PC arrives and is set up.)

We look forward to the improved communication that we expect this
mailing list to bring.

	Happy Ferreting,

		Steve Hankin

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