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[ferret_users] suppress X window

Dear Ferret users,

I was wondering how to prevent the Ferret window to steal the focus.

I guess I need a version of the "-batch" command line option that doesn't try to redirect the metafile output, but there may be other solutions.

I have a self-contained Ferret script that looks like

set mode metafile
. . . plot something . . .
cancel mode metafile
ppl clsplt
SPAWN  . . . shell commends to process the metafile to produce PDF . . .

The problem is when I call it from within a shell script repeatedly

# Call Ferret many times, changing the parameter n
for n in . . . ; do
    ferret -script myscript.jnl $n

Ferret shows a window each time it's invoked, which steals the mouse focus. So, basically, I can't do anything while the script is running.

I thought I could use a fake "-batch" option as in

ferret -batch metafile.plt -script myscript.jnl $n

but it fails.  I don't know exactly how, but it doesn't probably interact well with "set mode metafile" within the script.

Would it be easy to implement a version of -batch option that does nothing but to suppress window output or a version of -gif option to allow metafile?


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