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[ferret_users] Error when subsetting NetCDF file

Hello All,

I am trying to subset a large NetCDF file to sample only monthly surface salinity values for 2013-2017 using the following code but am getting a NetCDF error.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Nancy Williams

williams% pyferret


  PyFerret v7.42 (optimized)

  Darwin 14.5.0 - 08/01/18

  27-Nov-18 15:35     

yes? set memory/size=1000

yes? use bsose_i001_2013to2017_monthly_Salt.nc

           *** NOTE: Internal err: unknown data type

           *** NOTE: Axis coordinates are decreasing-ordered. Reversing ordering for axis Z

yes? show data

     currently SET data sets:

    1> ./bsose_i001_2013to2017_monthly_Salt.nc  (default)

 name     title                                                     L

 ITER     model timestep number            ...       ...       ...       1:60

 DEPTH    ocean depth                      1:2160    1:586     ...       ...

 RA       cell area                        1:2160    1:586     ...       ...

 DRF      cell z size                      ...       ...       1:52      ...

 HFACC    vertical fraction of open cell   1:2160    1:586     1:52      ...

 SALT     Salinity                         1:2160    1:586     1:52      1:60


yes? let S=SALT[k=52]

yes? show var


 >>> Definitions that replace any file variable of same name:

     S = SALT[K=52]

yes? save/clobber/file="BSOSE20132017.nc" S

 LISTing to file BSOSE20132017.nc

NetCDF: Not a valid data type or _FillValue type mismatch (OPeNDAP/netCDF Error code -45)

 Failed creating coord variable TIME


Nancy L. Williams
NRC Postdoctoral Fellow
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

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