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Re: [ferret_users] Orthographic projection - variable from 1-degree model


This looks to me as if it may be an incomplete file, which should have separate variables containing longitude and latitude coordinate data. Did you write out test.nc from a larger file?  If so, did the original file have 2-D variables, on the same grid as SSH, with units of longitude and latitude?  If so, see the documentation about "curvilimear coordinates".

If your data is on a curvilinear grid, it can be plotted using a map projection.  See this FAQ:



On 6/19/2018 6:20 AM, niciej wrote:
Dear Ferreters,
I have a data set(test.nc) with SSH variable from 1-degree model.
Basic Ferret plot of SSH is shown on PIC1
I'm trying to plot it using orthographic projection:

use test.nc

SET REGION/X=0:360/Y=-90:90/L=1

GO mp_orthographic 10 45


GO mp_aspect

LET masked_ssh = ssh * mp_mask

FILL/NOAX/NOLAB masked_ssh, x_page, y_page

LABEL/NOUSER `($PPL$XLEN)*0.5`,-0.4,0,0,0.2 View From Space

GO mp_fland

GO mp_land

GO mp_graticule

My results are shown on PIC2 - the projection is incorrect, moreover there is a gap between 320 - 360 deg.
How can I get a correct projection?
Thanks a lot,
Jan Niciejewski
Institute of Oceanology PAS

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