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[ferret_users] Orthographic projection - variable from 1-degree model

Dear Ferreters,
I have a data set(test.nc) with SSH variable from 1-degree model. 
Basic Ferret plot of SSH is shown on PIC1
I'm trying to plot it using orthographic projection:

use test.nc

SET REGION/X=0:360/Y=-90:90/L=1

GO mp_orthographic 10 45


GO mp_aspect


LET masked_ssh = ssh * mp_mask

FILL/NOAX/NOLAB masked_ssh, x_page, y_page

LABEL/NOUSER `($PPL$XLEN)*0.5`,-0.4,0,0,0.2 View From Space

GO mp_fland

GO mp_land

GO mp_graticule

My results are shown on PIC2 - the projection is incorrect, moreover there is a gap between 320 - 360 deg.
How can I get a correct projection?
Thanks a lot,
Jan Niciejewski
Institute of Oceanology PAS

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