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[ferret_users] HDF5 error when loading .nc files

Hi All

Having just upgraded to Ferret 7.4 (on a Mac, OSX 10.11.6), I now seem unable to use netcdf files in Ferret. I have tried reinstalling both HDF5 and netcdf, and as well as a few different versions of HDF5 (1.10.1 and 1.8.18), and have also reinstalled Ferret. However, I still get the error below:  

(I can get to crash using the tutorial, which I suppose is handy in keeping things reproducible!)

  FERRET v7.4 (optimized)
  Darwin 15.6.0 - 04/16/18
  24-May-18 16:33     


! To begin we inform FERRET of the "data set" of interest using the
! SET DATA command.  The ETOPO60 data set contains the relief of the
! surface of the earth at 120 minute resolution


SET DATA etopo120
**ERROR Ferret crash; signal = 4
HDF5: infinite loop closing library

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Kind regards


Neil Malan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
SAEON Egagasini node & Nansen-Tutu Centre,
University of Cape Town

Tel: +27 82 308 7715

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