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Re: [ferret_users] Installing ferret 7.4 - completing the instalation with Finstall Step

Hi ferreters,
# enter your password
$ sudo su
# and then install
# ./Finstall

Or, you can install Ferret in any directory that you wish, perhaps under your own user account. Move the .tar.gz file to a directory where you can write files, and restart Finstall, giving that directory name to the script when it asks.

Another option is to set the owner of all directories under /usr/local/ to you if you are the only user of your Linux/Unix machine:

    $ cd /usr/local
    $ sudo mkdir ferret #<-- if you like
    $ sudo chown -R <your user name>:<your default group> *

This might sound outrageous to traditional Unix users, but that perception is due to the history when most Unix machines were shared.
I got this idea from Homebrew, a macOS packaging system, which recommends the above ownership of /usr/local/* , which makes sense because most Mac machines are single-user.

Even on a genuinely multi-user Linux server, the admin allows me to own a directory under /usr/local/ because I maintain a package there (which is actually ferret), which other users can use if they like.



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