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[ferret_users] appending ensemble slabs

Ferret users,

I'm trying to append "ensemble slabs" to a netCDF, using the ideas from

So far, I've failed to append data in the ensemble-axis direction.  See an example below.  The first ensemble member is written to the file but the second member remains undefined.

I have a set of vertical profiles of temperature in separate files and I'd like to treat them as an ensemble so that it's easy to take an average temp[m=1:20@AVE], for example.

FERRET v7.3 (optimized)
Linux 2.6.32-696.13.2.el6.x86_64 64-bit - 12/04/17
set data levitus_climatology
save/clobber/file=tmp0.nc temp[x=180:180@MAX,y=0:0@MAX]
save/clobber/file=tmp1.nc temp[x=180:180@MAX,y=1:1@MAX]
save/clobber/file=tmp2.nc temp[x=180:180@MAX,y=2:2@MAX]
save/clobber/file=tmp3.nc temp[x=180:180@MAX,y=3:3@MAX]
save/clobber/file=tmp4.nc temp[x=180:180@MAX,y=4:4@MAX]
cancel data/all

define symbol outfile tmp.nc
define symbol emax 5

let evals = esequence({1,2,3,4,5})

set data tmp0.nc
let etemp = temp + 0*evals
save/clobber/file=($outfile)/mlimits=1:($emax)/m=1 etemp
cancel data tmp0.nc

set data tmp1.nc
let etemp = temp + 0*evals
save/append/file=($outfile)/m=2 etemp
cancel data tmp1.nc

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