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RE: [ferret_users] convert .kml file to netcdf file

Dear Anurag,

I think, a netcdf file is conceptually meant to contain a different type of data and shape or kml files.
The later are much more about vectors then netcdf. Now, you can save the points of your boundary on a grid in the netcdf file, or just the points of the boundary.
If you want to do this in ferret, then it is probably easiest, if you can create a mask for your region of interest. You should be able to do this by exporting the shape from a GIS as text file and read the text file into ferret.
Else, you can export the plot from ferret as a text file and read into a GIS and then overlay your shape.

I know very little about GIS, so this is just a thought.

Best wishes,


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I am new to programming language. How to convert a .kml file into .netcdf file. or say .shp file into .netcdf file.

Basically I want to over lab my shape file over my plot. Can someone help?

Anurag kumar

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