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[ferret_users] Re: plotting time series

Ferret's coordinate axes are continuous, so that data values correspond to a coordinate grid point, and the grid points define grid cells, with grid cell ends halfway between the grid points (or the axis can be defined with bounds that define where the edges are.)  This allows for interpolation between grid points for various calculations.   So your data is treated as having grid cells that are very large between the end of each September and the start of each June.

The thing to do here is define a time axis with all times over the range of your data, and plot the data regridded onto this axis using a transformation that won't change the data.  The @NRST transformation will do this, keeping the data as-is where the time on your original axis matches the time on the full axis, and otherwise filling with a missing-value flag.

I can't tell what units your time axis uses, is it 1220 minutes, or hours?  Define an axis using those same units.  It might look something like this.  You might want to use date strings that include hours, minute, seconds on your time axis definition.

yes? define axis/t="1-jan-2008":"30-sep-2017":1220/units="minutes"  all_time

yes? let newvar = var[gt=all_time@nrst]
yes? set attributes/like=var newvar  ! give it the same units etc as the original variable

yes? plot newvar

On 3/20/2018 2:03 AM, Subhrajit Rath wrote:
Dear all,
I have wind speed data for JJAS only with a time period of 1220. When i am trying to plot time series for multiple years ,it is taking other months in the time series  i.e. ambigious.
What i have to do solve this problem?

Here i am attaching my time series plot.

Advanced thanks.

Wish u best
With regards,

Subhrajit Rath
School of Earth, Ocean & climate sciences

M.Sc. Ocean &atmospheric science.

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