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Re: [ferret_users] Taylor_Polymark


Here is the script:

yes? go/help taylor_polymark
 Full path name: /home/users/tmap/ferret/rhel6-x86_64-linux/contrib/taylor_polymark.jnl
\cancel mode verify

! Description:
! Usage: go taylor_polymark Standard_Deviation Correlation [polymark qualifiers] [values] [shape] [scale]
! Example:
! Notes:
! Calls: go polymark
! Author: Patrick Brockmann
! Contact: Patrick.Brockmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
! History:
! Modification:

let ME_std = $1
let ME_cor = $2
let ME_x = ME_std*cos(acos(ME_cor))
let ME_y = ME_std*sin(acos(ME_cor))

def sym ME_value=$4%0%
def sym ME_shape=$5%circle%
def sym ME_scale=$6%1%

if $3"false|*>true" then
        define symbol ME_QUALIFIERS = /over/noaxis/nolab$3
        define symbol ME_QUALIFIERS = /over/noaxis/nolab

! say go polymark poly($ME_QUALIFIERS) `ME_x`,`ME_y`,($ME_value),($ME_shape),($ME_scale)

go polymark poly($ME_QUALIFIERS) `ME_x`,`ME_y`,($ME_value),($ME_shape),($ME_scale)

cancel variable XPOLYSHAPE,YPOLYSHAPE ! set by polymark script

cancel variable ME_*
cancel symbol ME_*

set mode verify

You will see that argument 5 is a shape.  The available shapes are listed in the script polymark.jnl; type "go/help polymark" to see that list.

On 2/12/2018 3:18 AM, USHNANSHU DUTTA wrote:

Can anyone help me how to change the shape of points on Taylor_frame in Taylor_polymark command?
 By default, it is coming as circles. I want to change it to different shapes for customization like square, triangle etc. 

Ushnanshu Dutta
Research Fellow
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
Mob: 9405022799

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