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[ferret_users] pyferret in a reproducible executable environments (binder.org)

Hi ferreters,

I would like to point that you can transform any python notebooks into a reproducible executable environments
by using the platform http://mybinder.org
Binder allows you to create custom computing environments that can be shared and used by many remote users.

Read https://mybinder.readthedocs.io/en/latest/introduction.html#what-can-i-do-with-binder

Using this platform I have prepared a fully reproducible executable environments for pyferret and ferretmagic,
its jupyter notebook extension.

From https://github.com/PBrockmann/ipython_ferretmagic, simply click on Test it with binder. Binder
You should see appearing a jupyter notebook with a python-2.7 kernel, the pyferret 7.3 module installed, all official ferret scripts
and ferret datasets set, and the ferretmagic extension ready to be used.
Please take time to explore the notebooks directory to discover what can be done with pyferret in the jupyter notebook environment.

Very thanks to the PMEL ferret team and happy (py)ferreting.

Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
LSCE - Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory
IPSL - Institut Pierre Simon Laplace

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