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[ferret_users] map projection with dots of significance.

Dear Ferreters,

I am using the attached script but facing several issues

1) viewport command is not working
2) ppl shakey command is not working
3) how to put latitude and longitudes on the map
4) I want to put dots over the significant locations but it is showing error as **ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: unequal line lengths:
          First _expression_ has 1260 points.
          _expression_ 4 has 21 points:
          "plot/vs/OVER/sym=21/size=0.02 p95*mp_mask, p95*mp_mask, x_page, y_page"

go multi_view 3,2,.43,0.070,0.052,.26,.064,0.058,a

use file1.nc                                  !!! file containing the variable !!!!!
use file2.nc                                  !!! file containing the probability !!!!

let ohcg1=ohc_new[d=1]
let sig=pvalue[d=2]

let p=t[gt=ohcg1]
let q=ohcg1

go regresst

let nx = `pvalue,return=isize`
let ny = `pvalue,return=jsize`
let lon = x[gx=trend,i=1:`nx`:6] + 0*y[gy=trend,j=1:`ny`:6]
let lat = 0*x[gx=trend,i=1:`nx`:6] + y[gy=trend,j=1:`ny`:6]

let p95 = if pvalue[i=1:`nx`:6,j=1:`ny`:6] gt .95 then 1 else 0

set mem/size=3000

set viewport a11
SET REGION/X=19.5:380.5/Y=-63:63
GO mp_mcbryde_fpp
SET GRID slope; GO mp_aspect
fill/NOLAB/NOAX/NOKEY/lev=(-inf)(-20,20,4)(inf)/pal=blue_orange slope*12, x_page, y_page
ppl shakey 1, 0, 0.14, , 6, 6, -2.8, 3.8, .29, .50
GO mp_graticule 20 380 30 -63 63 `126/6` 1
GO mp_fland 120 gray overlay detailed 
GO mp_land thick
GO mp_grid p95
plot/vs/OVER/sym=21/size=0.02 p95*mp_mask, p95*mp_mask, x_page, y_page

I am attaching the file1.nc (ohcg1_ensm_month.nc)​​ and file2.nc (ohcg1_ensm_nclmo.nc)

​Thanks in advance ​for valuable suggestions.

​regards, saurabh​



Saurabh Rathore
Research Scholar (PhD.)
Centre For Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere & Land Science Technology
Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur
contact :- 91- 8345984434

Attachment: ohcg1_ensm_nclmo.nc
Description: Cdf file

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