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Re: [ferret_users] Ferret vs PyFerret

Hi Olivier,

Thank you for the report. We want to make the transition to PyFerret as simple as possible with few script changes.  I'll look into the right_axis_plot.jnl script. I would expect it to work correctly in PyFerret. Your example figure looks to me as if some aspect of the scale and location information is being lost.

One possible workaround for this kind of plot is to use multiple identical viewports, drawing only the desired plot axes in each one.  Here is the idea; one would need to do more to add the correct labels

set text/font=sans_serif
use levitus_climatology

define view/x=0:1/y=0:1 full1
define view/x=0:1/y=0:1 full2

set view full1
plot/axes=1,1,1,0/x=150:200/y=0/z=0 /title=" "/color=blue/thick temp

set view full2
plot/axes=0,0,0,1/x=150:200/y=0/z=0/title=" "/color=red/thick salt


On 1/4/2018 5:19 AM, Olivier Marti wrote:
Hello everybody. And Happy new year to all ferreters !

In the following figure https://files.lsce.ipsl.fr/public.php?service=files&t=676354e49864fc779a58859306ab7531, the left hand plot is obtained by Ferret v7 on MacOS X 10.12.6, and the right hand plot by PyFerret 7.1 on the same computer. The jnl file is the same, except that for PyFerret, I added the line SET TEXT/FONT=Sans-serif. Without this add-on, PyFerret produces the same plot than Ferret, just a little more fancy !

After some research, I see that the problem come from the script my_right_axis_plot.jnl. This a copy a right_axis_plot.jnl from the Ferret distribution, where I removed the display of the line specimen. The line that totally messed up all the printings is : ppl %yaxis/nouser $3"'ppl$range_low','ppl$range_high','ppl$range_inc'",'ppl$xlen',$6",,,+1,,(1PG10.3)"

Could you thing of any workaround to have my right axis plotted, and keeping nice titles and labels ?

Thanks in advanced


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Institut Pierre Simon Laplace
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