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[ferret_users] Ferret vs PyFerret

Hello everybody. And Happy new year to all ferreters !

In the following figure https://files.lsce.ipsl.fr/public.php?service=files&t=676354e49864fc779a58859306ab7531, the left hand plot is obtained by Ferret v7 on MacOS X 10.12.6, and the right hand plot by PyFerret 7.1 on the same computer. The jnl file is the same, except that for PyFerret, I added the line SET TEXT/FONT=Sans-serif. Without this add-on, PyFerret produces the same plot than Ferret, just a little more fancy !

After some research, I see that the problem come from the script my_right_axis_plot.jnl. This a copy a right_axis_plot.jnl from the Ferret distribution, where I removed the display of the line specimen. The line that totally messed up all the printings is : ppl %yaxis/nouser $3"'ppl$range_low','ppl$range_high','ppl$range_inc'",'ppl$xlen',$6",,,+1,,(1PG10.3)"

Could you thing of any workaround to have my right axis plotted, and keeping nice titles and labels ?

Thanks in advanced


The script : https://files.lsce.ipsl.fr/public.php?service=files&t=bc183b5ce197b1eec84ddb481359f63f

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Institut Pierre Simon Laplace
Laboratoire CEA-CNRS-UVSQ  -  UMR 8212
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