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[ferret_users] problem in time series

I have monthly 1 one year data. Combined data in time series by using allached journal file. It was combined and shown an output file. But, when I try recall the monthly data for analysis from combined time series data like "shade/L=1 temp_m" to shade/L=12 temp_m" it always cominp up with a single data image, having same value. where as when I try to open these individual monthly data (e.g., 03_1.nc, 03_2.nc........03_12.nc) it shows different values.

I need this monthly data in combined form for time series analysis.

Here I am attached monthly data and journal file.

Thanks is advance


Kousik Das
Research Scholar
School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology

Attachment: time_series.jnl
Description: Binary data

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