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[ferret_users] SAVE precision of var from binary data?

Hi Ferret users,

It seems that

   SAVE/file=some.nc var

saves var in single precision, if var is from a stream, double-precision binary file.  In contrast,

   LIST/form=STREAM/file=some.bin var

saves it in double precision.

I'm using Ferret 6.93 on Linux.

I guess the OUTTYPE attribute isn't set for a variable from a binary file, or there is some such inconsistency.  I hope it's fixed in the future.


I have been able to reproduce this problem with

set data levitus_climatology
save/file=tmp.nc/outtype=double temp[k=1,l=1]
cancel data/all
SPAWN ncks -C -b tmp.bin -v TEMP tmp.nc -o tmp2.nc
define axis/x=0:359:1 xax
define axis/y=-89.5:89.5:1 yax
define grid/x=xax/y=yax mygrid
file/form=STREAM/var=temp/type=r8/grid=mygrid tmp.bin
save/file=tmp-new.nc temp

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