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[ferret_users] glitch in automatic shade color levels

Dear ferreters,

I discovered a glitch in the automatic shade color levels, see shade_nolev_gap.png, where a grid box in the northeast of India is not colored. When I plot the same variable with a scaling factor of '1e9', the coloring appears, likewise when I specify levels by hand accordingly.

I attached the file 2D_test.nc for testing purposes.

!! plot with gap
yes? shade co_emac; go land

!! gap disappears with scaling
yes? shade co_emac*1e9; go land

!! gap disappears with suitable levels
yes? shade/lev=(40e-9,200e-9,10e-9) co_emac; go land

!! similar example with a different variable
yes? shade co_mix; go land
yes? shade co_mix*1e9; go land

Any background on this?

Best wishes,

FERRET v7.1 (optimized)
 	Linux 2.6.32-642.13.1.el6.x86_64 64-bit - 02/15/17
 	 3-Jul-17 17:53     

Attachment: shade_nolev_gap.png
Description: shade_nolev_gap.png

Attachment: shade_scaled_nogap.png
Description: shade_scaled_nogap.png

Attachment: shade_lev_nogap.png
Description: shade_lev_nogap.png

Attachment: 2D_test.nc
Description: 2D_test.nc

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