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Re: [ferret_users] Ferret and debian/ubuntu packages

Hi Alastair

Thank you for your work, it is good to see Ferret integrated into debian.
However, I couldn't make it work :)

I have a debian unstable (9.0) and I have installed python3-ferret Version: 7.0.0-2
I get an error using the lib in python3 because it uses xrange, which has been removed in python3
Python 3.5.3 (default, Jan 19 2017, 14:11:04)
[GCC 6.3.0 20170118] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import pyferret
>>> pyferret.start(quiet=True)
>>> (errval, errmsg) = pyferret.run('use file.nc')
>>> sstdict = pyferret.getdata('h', False)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pyferret/datamethods.py", line 320, in getdata
    for k in xrange(libpyferret.MAX_FERRET_NDIM):
NameError: name 'xrange' is not defined

dpkg -L python3-ferret|grep /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pyferret/datamethods.py

Also, when I launch pyferret3 by itself (not into python), whatever I do, it crashes after 2 prompt lines. I don't get any error, I don't find any log, it just closes.
% /usr/bin/pyferret3
     PyFERRET v7 (opt)
     Debian - 6/30/16
     25-May-17 16:28    


If there is anything I can do to help (open a bug report, test, etc..) let me know.

On 25 May 2017 at 08:06, Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks to Marco for pointing me to this thread.

I'm the Debian maintainer and packager of ferret for Debian/Ubuntu. 

The current version in Debian stable is v6.92; the latest version in Debian (unstable/ testing) is 7.0 ; this is also
the version in Ubuntu.

Also pyferret 7.0 is present in Debian unstable/testing and Ubuntu.

Debian is currently frozen and release is expected 'any day now'; after this I plan to keep ferret updated via "backports" (which for various reasons' didn't happen in Jessie)

As well as making it available for end-users, I'm working on its integration with other Met and geo software, and the larger python stack.
There are a number of patches I have yet to forward upstream: in particular support for Python3  (both python2 and python3 versions
of pyferret are in Debian).

Ferret in Debian (labelled ferret-vis, as it conflicts with "GNU Ferret") uses a separate version of xgks (2.6.1),
as there are multiple packages using xgks in Debian and we ship common code as shared libs. This version has some (irrelevant to ferret?)
fixes and additions (a PDF backed, IIRC). Similarly I'm testing patches to work with multiple netcdf / hdf libraries so we can
do both compression (for SZIP netcdf4, pnetcdf, and parallel netcdf). 

To make the package standalone, I have a patch to use default values of the Env. variables that Ferret typically requires to be set.

Please don't hestitate to contact me with any comments / bugs/ questions.

Best regards
Alastair McKinstry

>Hi Karen,

>We hadn't heard about this. Apparently somebody has also made it available as a Debian package. I would not have any reservations >about trying this, except that it shows the version as v6.92, which is almost 2 years old. If anybody wants to try it, we'd be >interested to hear of your experience in using it. The best recommendation is to install PyFerret, https://github.com/NOAA->PMEL/PyFerret. On that page, note that there is an Anaconda Installation for Linux, OS X, and Windows 10/bash, or via the more traditional tar files and shell-based install script. Classic Ferret is available via tar files. Both Ferret and PyFerret contain the same updates and capabilities from the Ferret command line.
> Ansley

On 5/17/2017 8:20 AM, karen guihou wrote:
Hi all

I have seen that ferret and pyferret are available in the official debian/ubuntu packages.

However, the official Ferret website provides instructions for downloading and installing Ferret manually and does not mention that at all. Have some of you installed Ferret/PyFerret with these packages? What are the "official" recommendations?

Alastair McKinstry, <alastair@xxxxxxxx>, <mckinstry@xxxxxxxxxx>, https://diaspora.sceal.ie/u/amckinstry
Misentropy: doubting that the Universe is becoming more disordered. 

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