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[ferret_users] How to do regression analysis by using two dataset

Hi Ferreters

                 Have anybody done the regression analysis between two data set for example sst[lon,lat,time] and precipitation[lon,lat,time] with 53 years.  I have  done like this by seeing some mail archives.

use  precipitation_summer_1979_2006.nc
use  ersst_anm_summer_1979_2006.nc

let prep_new = precip_jja[d=1,x=72:76@ave,y=14:20@ave]  ! I have taken precipitation on a box average
let sst_new = sst_jja[d=2]   ! Here I have taken SST for hole Indian Ocean
let p = pre_new
let q =  sst_new
go regresst
 fill slope

Because I have used same data and time period but I am not getting the same as I have seen in Literature

Am I doing Right ? 

Any suggestion are highly appreciated

Abhishek Savita

Research Scholar (Earth System Science Technology)
Center For Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere & Land Science Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur


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