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RE: [ExternalEmail] Re: [ferret_users] Thermal expansion coefficient

Ned and Russ, thank you both for your prompt help!





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Thanks, Ned. This is a much better answer than mine. I'm saving it in my $FER_DIR/contrib directory! I had a version for just sound speed from JMFWG 2006 but not the other derivatives. Also, Ferret does its internal calculations in double precision nowadays so the results are actually good to about 14dp or so rather than just 7dp as noted in the header documentation.

Just need somebody to implement TEOS10 now...


PS: Xuebin, this is the EOS that we use in mom4/mom5, so it's probably exactly what you want.

On 17/02/17 12:10, Edward Cokelet - NOAA Federal wrote:

I attach a ferret script to compute the equation of state of seawater from Jackett, McDougall, Feistel, Wright and Griffies (2006), Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 23, 1709-1728.  There may be a later version; I have not kept track.  The thermal expansion coefficient is alpha = - drhodtheta / rho.  



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