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Re: [ferret_users] Dynamic height calculation regarding


The units that are used in that script are a choice based on common units.  If the units in your data are different, or if you wish the result to have different units than what is in the script, then I would suggest making a copy of dynamic_height.jnl and modifying it to do the computation in the units that fit your data.

(*I am not an oceanographer so do not have answers to the questions about steric sea level height.)


On 11/17/2016 1:21 AM, Manche Shivashankar wrote:
Dear ferret users

I have few queries regarding in built ferret script dynamic_height.jnl there are as follows

1) While naming salinity as dyn_S which units we should maintain PPT(parts per Thousand) or psu or any other units.
2) The units of dyn_ht are given as dyn-cm can I consider this as dyne(cgs units for force)-centimeter
3) Can I consider this dynamic height is equal to steric sea level height.

Please can anyone help me in this regard

Thanks and regards
shiva shankar

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